Creations of Allah

Allah the Almighty has created all and every thing that we can see and also those we can not see. The sky, the world, the planets and solar system, animals, humans, water, the sun, the moon, the stars; every thing is created by Allah Almighty.
Mainly these creations are of two types those whome we can see and those whom we can not see.
Mainly the creations we can see are:
Humans, Animals, Insects, Amphibions, Birds, Sun, Stars, Mountains, Moon, etc..
Normaly the creations which we can not see fom our eyes but can be seen or measured by extra means are:
Jinns, Spirits, Angels, Micro Organisms, Time, etc..
We can not accused any of the creations of Allah. Allah Almighty has created everything known to us and hidden from our knowledge. He has given us life, He can give life to dead, He has given life to dead and He will give life to dead.
Allah has made, the Humans superior from all of His other creations (Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat).
So we should always be thankful to ALLAH.