Gunah & Sawab

Gunah or Sin is an immoral act against the law of Islam. It can also be defined as; to perform a prohibited act intentionally or unintentionally. If Allah the Almighty prohibits us to speak lie and we do not prevent us from it and speak lie, it is a gunah (Sin).

There are mainly three types of gunah:

1. Gunah-e-Kabira (Major Sin)
2. Gunah-e-Saghira (Small Sin)
3. Gunah-e-Dariya (Multiplying Sin)

A gunah (Sin) is a wrong act regardless it is intentional or unintentional; big or small. We should be considering it all the time and save us from it.

They are the major sins; like shirk (Considering anyone else other that Allah or sharing someone else with Allah.)
Gunah-e-Kabira will only be forgiven by asking forgiveness and being steadfast not to commit it again.

They not major sins but are wrong and will cause punishment in this word and at the day of judgement.
As per numerous authentic sayings; when we offer salat (prayers) or when we offer Umrah, or on many occassions; sins are forgiven. These are Gunah-e-Saghira those are forgiven not Gunah-e-Kabira. However we should not leave asking forgiveness.

Gunah-e-Jariya are those sins which are performed once and are multiplying. For example through Mr. X a Gunah (Sin) is conveyed to Mr. Y and Mr. X asked forgiveness and left the sin but Mr. Y continues to commit sins, Mr. X will get the share in Mr. Y’s sins unless he ask him to stop it. It may also be explained by this example; if someone makes a porn website or a song and many watch or listen to it the maker will also be sinful every time it is watched or heard.

Some of the major and common Gunah-e-Kabira are:

To relate any one with Allah.
To murder someone.
To practice black magic.
To leave Salat (Prayers).
To deny Zakat.
To leave the fasting in month of Ramadhan without any problem.
To deny Hajj when being wealthy and healthy.
To disobey parents (Other than they being against Islam).
To leave the close relatives (Muslim) completely.
To keep illegal sexual relation(s)/adultery.
Same gender sex
To practice interest transactions.
To capture wealth or an orphan.
To relate a lie with Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him).
To run away from the battle field.
Deceiving and wrong doing of the leader with the public.
To have pride (negatively) and speak lie(s).
To lie in witness.
To drink alcohol.
To bet.
To point/accused on pious women.
Treachery in prize booty.
Fake swearing
Injustice and violence
To eat prohibited food or earn by prohibited means.
To decide against the law of Allah.
To take bribe.
To behave/become/resemble like opposite gender
Not to observe cleanliness.
To add or deny or subtract anything in Islam.
To point out your favour.
To blame time.
Disobeying Husband
Deceiving or denying promise
Not to take care of neighbours.
To cover the toes because of pride.
To abuse Companions or Wives (R.A.) of Mohammad (Peace be upon him).
To practice Black Magic.
To abuse.
Shaving Beard
Not to observe pardah.
Without reason making of photographs or placing of photographs in home/office/roads etc..

Sawab or reward is the blessing what we get against our good acts. Any good act small or big even thinking of doing a good act; Allah blesses us with a reward (Naiki).

It is the multiplying reward. Any act that has a continuous result will give Sawab (Reward) every time. For example: If we help any student and later that student serves the society; it will also give us a Sawab (Reward) every time he does a good act utilizing that knowledge. This can also be explain with another example; we give some amount (Wether just 1 rupee/cent/dime etc) in Masjid. Many people offer prayers in Masjid daily. So we’ll get Sawab (Reward) against every person in the Masjid and that person’s Sawab (Reward) will not be decreased.
It is the blessing of Allah that every good act gives us two rewards (Sawab); one for thinking/deciding and one for doing, while on the otherside we got one Gunah (Sin) against a bad act.
Some of the very easy to practice Sawab-e-Jariya are:
To plant a tree.
To support a student.
To fund a Masjid.
To dig a well.

We should be concerned and careful in our acts and always try to save ourselves and loved ones from sins.

May ALLAH bless us all with HIS forgiveness. Ameen!