The Right Food

Humans, Animals, Jinns, Plants, every creation of Allah require to consume food. Some eats through mouth and some consume through roots.
We humans take food by eating and drinking. Allah Almighty has allowed and prohibited some food items for us to consume.
In other words some items are halal and some are haram.
Mainly the food earned through rightful legal ways are halal and illegal ways like theft, deceiving, taking without permission etc are totaly haram to earn.
Similarly it is necessary for that the halal animals are slaughtered in the name of Allah and the blood should be flow out from it. Today science also recognizes this method as healthy.
Dead animals or not properly slaughtered animals or those on whom the name of Allah isn’t called at time of slaughtering are all haram.
There is only a single condition that a dead animal or prohibited animals is allowed, it is when the person is hungry for at least three days and he is about to die but he can only eat very little just to survive not to satisfy his hunger.
It is totally haram in all the conditions to eat human meat.
Food items which cause the shaking of senses like alchohol, weed, drugs etc are totally haram in Islam.
Some of the animals and food items those are prohibited are:
Alchohol, weed, meat and milk of pig, dog, lion, snake, cat, donkey etc..
There is betterment in obeying Allah; all the food items He prohibited us to consume will have bad effects on our nature and health if we consume them. These orders were conveyed to us by His Messanger (Peace be upon him) long time back and now in today’s era scientist believe them as true and as beneficial for mankind.
All the grace is for Allah Almighty.